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Scott Knudsen

Cowboy Entrepreneur, Actor, Author, Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Scott's Story

Cowboy Entrepreneur® is a title that fully encompasses the rich experiences of Scott Knudsen.


A 5th generation Texas Cowboy with a business degree, ranching is in his blood. Scott has experienced all of the challenging elements of what it takes to a ranch in Texas. With all he has gone through, (like getting struck in the head by lightning in 2005), his many cowboy stories are overflowing with amazing life lessons, rich with wisdom.

Scott, The Cowboy Entrepreneur®, is a host for multiple radio and video shows, and an owner of a professional ranch-related businesses. Through these platforms, he expresses his true heart for horses. The horse industry has been blessed with this speaker, advocate, and example. Scott’s time speaking with audiences is making a difference. His knowledge, experience, business savvy, and cowboy adventures make him a highly sought-after keynote speaker.

Scott's Media Kit


     Speaking Fee:
    $15,000 in person


Travels From:


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